About us

Thank you for your interest in what we offer!

Our company deals professionally with the design and painting of vertical and horizontal markings, both inside and outside industrial and service companies, including in:

  • Warehouses and Production halls
  • Parking lots and multi-level garages
  • Vehicle manoeuvring areas,
  • Athletics tracks, sports fields and playgrounds,
  • Road target markings.

We apply a custom approach to each inquiry to ensure that what we offer is ideally suited to the specific requirements of our Clients, in terms of:

  • The required markings' durability (long, medium and short-term),
  • Careful planning of works performance to minimise inconvenience to the Client,
  • Prompt works completion, allowing the Customer a quick and safe return to their daily business activities,
  • Design (or refining) of layouts according to Customer's requirements and Polish standards for marking of industrial structures,
  • Optimisation of the design in terms of cost.

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