What we offer

1. Removal of old markings:

  • Chemical method (without interfering with concrete floor structures),
  • Machine method (diamond grinding, shot peening or milling of the floor's surface).

2. Marking out of warehouses and manufacturing halls:

  • Passageways for workers,
  • Transport paths for forklift trucks,
  • Intermediate storage areas excluded from traffic (e.g. for fire safety),
  • Warning markings: yellow and black stripes around ramps, edges, and poles,
  • Lines around racking and shelves,
  • Pictographs, symbols, inscriptions and BHP signs (occupational health and safety) (and also Client's own designs).

3. Marking out of production halls (as above, and also including):

  • Production cells,
  • 5S System markings

4. Marking out of parking and multi-level garages:

  • Standard and special (e.g. for disabled) parking areas,
  • Numbered parking areas (horizontal and vertical),
  • Horizontal and vertical organisation of movement (arrows, stripes, boards etc),
  • Warning paint (yellow and black stripes on poles, sills, etc),
  • Marking out of parking areas and levels.

5. Athletics tracks, tennis courts and sports fields:

  • Markings in accordance with PN standards and Clients' own designs.

6. Target marking of road and streets:

  • Markings in accordance with PN standards.


We use hydrodynamic methods to lay out our markings - the paint is applied to the floor under high pressure, without air, by means of a professional Wagner LineCoat painting machine (the world leader in the painting industry).

Malowarka LineCoat