Line painting is a company carrying out professional services in design, plotting and spray painting of horizontal and vertical markings in industrial and service areas.

For many years we have specialised in line painting on various types of surfaces with the use of cutting-edge technologies. We are capable of carrying out assignments involving horizontal marking of areas of various sizes. Whatever the scale or complexity of a project, we can handle it. With the help of our rich experience and expertise we provide our clients with optimal solutions, technically and financially tailored to their expectations.

Our service selection includes marking of production and storage areas. We carry out comprehensive organisation of work areas. We create functional markings of transport routes in warehouses and also designate parking spaces in garages and parking lots. We can place thin-layered or thick-layered horizontal markings on roads and walkways. We also handle sports venues – line painting on football pitches, running tracks or playgrounds. We operate wherever a high degree of space organisation is required. Furthermore, we employ various methods – traditional painting and adhesive PVC floor tapes.

Our horizontal marking services are available countrywide

We are capable of painting horizontal markings everywhere in Poland, and we can adjust our offer to the individual needs of the client. Our company cares not only about providing high-quality services, but also accommodates for your comfort during their implementation. We carry out the works whenever they are the least disruptive – we paint lines also on weekends or at night so that the client could swiftly and safely continue their business activities. We make sure that the marking assignments are handled as quickly as possible, therefore we mobilise multiple teams for larger assignments. We guarantee preparation of an optimised cost estimate and the desirable durability of markings. The marking of storage and production areas will be designed for you in compliance with your expectations and Polish standards.

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