Vertical markings – Products also handles product sales which allows you to carry out vertical and horizontal markings of industrial halls and parking lots on your own.

Special PVC marking tapes



Our product range includes floor tapes which let you create horizontal markings in your facilities easily and quickly. Their advantages include exceptional durability and resistance to damage. They do not stretch during application, which makes them much easier to implement. Their removal is also quite easy – they do not leave difficult to remove glue residue.

Thanks to a wide palette of available colours and widths to choose from (we can trim them to the preferred width), every client will find a tape that suits their needs. Our tapes allow you to create an organised system of horizontal markings, including pedestrian routes, transport routes in warehouses and production halls. For marking of potentially hazardous places, such as moving edges (ramps, lifts), low ceilings (beams and binders) and various obstacles (posts, walls), we offer special yellow and black tapes.

Additionally, our offer includes products which help in tape applying, such as PVC tape applicator, squeeze rollers and scrapers, as well as products for removal of tapes and glue residue from floors.

5S floor markings


Our product range also includes our excellent adhesive 5S floor markings. Their simple application will surely impress you. We can offer tapes in two width versions, 50 mm and 80 mm respectively. High functionality, good visibility and pleasing aesthetics mean that markings of this type are perfect for large production facilities, as well as in warehouses or smaller workshops.


Standard colours:

  • yellow
  • white
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • black


oznaczenia podłogowe

Adhesive safety signs


znaki znaki



The adhesive safety signs available in our selection are an excellent addition to painted lines, marking pedestrian routes and transport routes in warehouses. They are useful in improving traffic organisation and enhancing security (e.g. hard hat signs). We print the signs on template foils and then apply additional protection made of polycarbonate foil laminate.