Spray painting of markings – Special lines



Permanent markings

pracownicy wykonujący oznakowanie permanentne
Oznakowanie permanentne na hali produkcyjnej
urządzenie wykonujące znaki poziome
malowanie linii na hali produkcyjnej
znaki poziome
malowanie znaków poziomych

We use various application methods for spray painting of markings in storage and production areas. The selection of the application method depends on the conditions within the facility. High temperatures, intense use of floors or exposing them to chemical agents – all of this can damage newly made markings. Therefore, before the works begin we start with risk assessment and try to discover the preferences of the clients so that we can provide the optimal solutions, best suited for their facilities. For horizontal markings intended for intense use we offer permanent marking painting methods. This will let you enjoy highly durable lines. Vertical markings made using this method are perfectly bonded with the surface and resistant to accidental removal during dragging pallets or metal baskets along the floor etc. Permanent markings are made by the means of partially removing the concrete floor and filling the grooves with a self-curing paint.


malowanie linii

Aluminium CIVIL markings

Aluminiowe znaczniki CIVIL na kostce brukowej
Aluminiowe znaczniki CIVIL
montaż aluminiowych znaczników CIVIL
oznakowanie poziome na kostce brukowej
pracownik usuwający pachołki
montaż aluminiowych znaczników CIVIL na kostce brukowej

Not all surfaces are suitable for painting of horizontal markings (e.g. paving blocks), therefore, our offer includes aluminium CIVIL markings. The durability of this type of markings is estimated for up to 20 years.

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